If you want generate cash in game choose Gta 5 hacks

20 comments on ““BATMOBILE” TROLLING FAILS ONLINE! – (GTA 5 DLC Funny Moments)
  1. Marwan younes says:

    You should make a collaborative with a grain player and see who can do a stunt the fastest

  2. Xxtictoc1216xX says:

    rockstar needs to make some actually good stuff their team of nerfing or whatever trys to hard they just keep making things a billion dollars and it have really nice accel but ok top speed like all I want it a crazy ass car with insane acceleration, top speed, handling, and breaking(and for it to look dope as fu)

  3. ii3k says:

    nice video harry

  4. DryRaiin says:

    Jesus Christ you are white plus the extremely bright lighting

  5. Wahubudyy says:

    Let’s go!! Close to 1 Mill!!

  6. Hayden MacKinnon says:

    Your better than me cause I can't even plan a stunt or due one

  7. Wolfy Nebulous says:

    This is from expertthief!!!!!!!

  8. Jannes Kröger says:

    hope you hit the 1mio. subs soon

  9. Nazia Aman says:

    Can you make a cod video

  10. Bat Potato says:

    Plz do a stunt with a eye patch on. Or cover one of your eyes with a cloth or something please ……..#stunt ritual .#best stunter .

  11. Elliot Elfving says:

    kan du göra en video när du kör race/ älskar dina videor

  12. Nomani Muhtasim says:

    stunting ritual. say holy shit

  13. Nomani Muhtasim says:

    stunting ritual – say ,,

  14. christian Mastache says:

    I was ckeep finding you and I missed you👌👌👌👌🌞😙😉😶

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