Breaking Bad Tribute (Seasons 1-2) [GTA V]

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15 comments on “Breaking Bad Tribute (Seasons 1-2) [GTA V]
  1. NiLog Films says:

    shit, im thinking about making one like this my self dude, your content is awesome dude

  2. Pentox says:

    wow great use of music to set the tone

  3. White Spectre says:

    lo volvi ver y creeme que me dio nostalgia :'D fue una gran serie de drama/comedia,ojala algun dia salga una Septima temporada(ya se que es imposible pero me daria mucha ilusion) buen trabajo Axel!!

  4. Skilled Motion says:

    This was great!

  5. Korvox says:

    NICE JOB :'D

  6. crashnburnking says:

    Very cool concept for a video. Truly a classic series til end of time.Thanks for the video ( cinematic short film tribute ) πŸ™‚

  7. Senor Kickurass says:

    Even if this is a homage, your camera angles were fantastic from the opening to the end, the colour grading really gave it some extra punch!
    And kudos to the smooth camerawork, that transition from the lowrider to the apartment was fantastic, and later on with Jane's death…
    In regards to the turtle scene, I actually began to laugh because the post on the forums suddenly made sense, it's a turtle in socks!
    This was a fantastic trip down memory lane for me, as I immensely enjoyed the series and thought it was a perfect story, I remember reading that Walter White has over 9 different character arcs!
    The perfect homage to a perfect series, well done, another fantastic video…

    P.S Saw you were talking about Utopia which was horribly underappreciated in the UK, it even won awards yet it was cancelled, the BBC redeemed it's self for me with Peaky Blinders, but the visuals on Utopia were spectacular! Big shame…

  8. melvin the pencil says:

    Very well made video keep it up πŸ™‚

  9. SavageGaming says:

    Awesome work AX! Breaking Bad is one my favourite series EVER love it you really did a good job of capturing the feel of the show πŸ‘βœŒBro by any chance did you find time to watch my latest? Always appreciate your feedback 😊

  10. White Spectre says:

    me encanta breaking bad,buen video jeje xD

  11. Final Flame Productions says:

    Very nicely made dude.

  12. Azor99 says:

    Nice! Amazing the coloration

  13. OriFilmsGta says:

    you touched something deep inside my soul…the greatest show ever made. If only i could erase it from my memory so i could watch it all over again.
    10/10 only for the turtle πŸ˜‰ grande!

  14. Ranscan KNRT says:

    Amazing work bro!

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