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20 comments on “GTA 4 ULTRA REALISTIC GRAPHICS MOD Gameplay 2017 (4K)
  1. Roman Reigns says:

    Can gtx 1050 intel core i7 8gb ram pc run this mod

  2. Lukas Zen says:

    6:18 couldn't just use a machine gun? .__.

  3. LEO GTV says:

    i want the system requirements with the mod please 🙂

  4. LEO GTV says:

    i want the system requirements with the mod please 🙂

  5. Dominic Lakatos says:

    the game its self looks like shit still

  6. taila muentes says:

    me gusta i gualita a estado unidos

  7. Desert Sneagle says:

    Mods used?

  8. Daus Ishak says:

    Can someone please tell me how to make my GTA IV/4 look like that..i have download all the mod in description and i dont even know how to install it to my GTA…please…show me the full tutorial ..thank you so much for who have read and reply my really appreciated you.. :))

  9. El tio Maicol yatzon says:

    Go bowling with your cousin simulator 4K

  10. SEZER GF says:

    link verirmisin amk

  11. CA Gaming says:

    Just 1 word


  12. Hoda Ahmed says:

    This is not GTA 4 but this is perfect! yaas yaas perfect?

  13. Sandro Sobreira says:

    Is better than GTA V

  14. Ava lon says:

    Gta iv. 😆😆😆😆

  15. MarkTheShark says:

    Thats some good shit

  16. SnowMonster YT says:

    Omg this looks so realistic in 4K monitor with 1080p quality wtf! Muaaa . Hope there is GTA 5 graphics like that

    Edit: Fuck this 1080p 4k quality is just too good for me. So smooth. Thank you for this video man 😀

  17. REENA VERMA says:

    and what about the lags and fraps

  18. Anthony A says:


  19. Anthony A says:

    It just needs the basics, better lighting (sunflares/lightflares at night) 2017 water, improved reflections, and honestly you could easily say this game was made in AT LEAST 2015. Put icing on the cake and make there be an ACTUAL in-game WINTER season complete with snow like in THE DIVISION and this could pass maybe even as a 2017 game.

  20. Dungeon Blitz - Eigedems says:

    este viola A a gta 5 a todo almaximo

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