GTA 5 EMS #29 Mass Casualty Evacuation Ambulance Bus & Tactical Paramedics Respond To Bank Robbery

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20 comments on “GTA 5 EMS #29 Mass Casualty Evacuation Ambulance Bus & Tactical Paramedics Respond To Bank Robbery
  1. Acepilot2k7 says:

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    GTA 5 Firefighter Mod 65 | Mobile Command Center Responds To A Fully Involved Structure Fire

  2. Dika Ramadhan says:


  3. roblox robux1212 says:


  4. Candice emtp211 says:

    Thats an awesome vehicle

  5. YouTube news says:

    Yaaaaaaaassssss been waiting for this for ages thanks ace keep it up bro

  6. Valentin Villagrana says:

    No matter which videos you make I will always love ❤️ your videos

  7. Gaby Monterrosa says:

    I seen the police bus in the gta5 And the firetruck bus in the gta5

  8. lee mcculloch says:

    Bus still needs to be scripted as emergency vechile for cars to move

  9. Soldier-boy03 says:

    Great Video Ace I am surprised you Didn't get caught In the crossfire and the AI have no respect for the EMS bus #Putsomerespectonmysiren

  10. Soldier-boy03 says:

    Tweeted the video

  11. LC Officer UNIT 97 says:

    What's with the buses?!

  12. qwertyTech says:

    In the UK we have both paramedics and firefighters who are designed to respond to similar situations, mostly terrorist attacks. They wear body armour and helmets

  13. qwertyTech says:

    Love it! Can you do one where you respond to the simmet alley attack as a tac paramedic or tac firefighter

  14. ItzCherrodBro [FAM] says:

    #Tacticalmedicsdontplay Great product as usual man

  15. Aracely Olivera says:


  16. David Viktor Bozovic says:

    dislike(im not a hater)

  17. isa cruz says:

    There goes merv 1 "look it up if you dont know" people from new york might have a clue what im talking about

  18. Rehaan Sindhi says:

    More please please please please I already subscribed to you

  19. Gonçalo Salvador says:

    great Ace

  20. big dog says:

    U should drive a bus around the city but no ems n fire Department

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