GTA 5 – LSPDFR Ep380 – Police Jet Ski Alamo Sea Patrol!!

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20 comments on “GTA 5 – LSPDFR Ep380 – Police Jet Ski Alamo Sea Patrol!!
  1. Kelsey Nicklay says:

    I really want grand theft auto

  2. d yearby says:

    can I get one I live in wegwood

  3. Rocky Clark says:

    my name is blaine and it said blaine country

  4. Xavier BROADWATER says:


  5. Cody Cole says:

    I like how it has my state's license plate…Washington.

  6. Xiomara Martinez says:


  7. katie yeager says:

    Hegsjfehysb xyhawgjsh

  8. Geovannye Cruz says:

    Use more ford trucks

  9. James Guimond says:

    why is there blood on the ground at 1.48?

  10. Krislyn burton says:

    Is this for kids because I'm 8

  11. jam godswill says: is very very cool i love it

  12. Tommy Barthel says:

    VorfΓ₯r kan du spille gta i morgen

  13. Scot Miller says:

    So cool

  14. gooeyslimeycollector jonnes says:

    nigga you dumd

  15. Joey Power says:

    what car is this?

  16. TheRoyalGamers says:

    OMG SO COOL!! I'm subscriber since 1k subs Keep it up Iggy fresh. You are the best YouTuber

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