GTA 5 MOD – Portal Gun (Rick and Morty)

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20 comments on “GTA 5 MOD – Portal Gun (Rick and Morty)
  1. Modded Games says:

    After a lot of feedback this mod has been updated:

  2. Dominic Cicero says:

    Kinda loud

  3. X Joker says:


  4. Evil Morty says:

    Fuck Rick I’m going to be the greatest now

  5. Marianne Carpentier says:

    I like this mode

  6. McMeezy The Seventy Fifth says:

    Rick sounds like Trevor

  7. Jorge Gordillo says:

    Pickle Rick is so fucking annoying

  8. Ali Moghimi says:

    4:54 ba dum tss

  9. M Ledesma says:

    Wow super nice

  10. michael price says:

    Grow back well folk proportion naked reaction meaning focus.

  11. Mario says:

    just few models and portal gun? nothing new…

  12. Nick871203 says:

    wityh procedural generation and very creative art, they could make rthe perfect rick and morty open world game, and each time you use portal it uses procedural tech to create a insane alien world

  13. Rick Sanches says:

    I'm coming for you Trevor!

  14. Solar 2424 says:

    People have no life

  15. Art Show says:

    Rick and Morty Art collection

  16. Jake and Jason says:

    I subscribed I love your vid$

  17. Chris Rredy says:

    best place to get all cheats and hacks for free no ban

  18. Got Wasted says:

    I Wish Theres A Rick And Morty Open World Game

  19. Mr56412 says:

    This is so cool I need it

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