GTA 5 Mods – Pokemon Go World With Real Moving Animals Mod!

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20 comments on “GTA 5 Mods – Pokemon Go World With Real Moving Animals Mod!
  1. winglesschip 209 says:

    This is cool how many Pokémon is their?

  2. Andy Games says:

    3:35 look good see zapdos

  3. twins fudge and tiny says:

    Why are you shooting them like a bitch. Your not playing pokemon!. If you was in pokemon you wouldn't be able to kill them first. The walking dead one you did was bs aswell you jump on the bang wagon and throught you do the walking dead without knowing nothig about it 😂

  4. tubeyuber65 says:

    I'm fucking dead. Dr. I love you and sorry I was late 😉

  5. SdEclipse 20 says:

    Pokemon go is so yesterday now

  6. Cuban Missile says:

    Stop self promoting your god damn mod. And over hyping your mod just play it and relax

  7. kobe cool van gamer says:


  8. Leon Carter says:

    this shit is so insane that I'm drinking to it right now…… it's cool.

  9. julian brückner says:

    vaporeon isn't rare it evolves from an evee with a waterstone

  10. Guecro Roda says:

    The best one

  11. Appie pappie says:

    Awesome video, can't wait to play this!

  12. Reddevil 375 says:

    Nice and cool video

  13. FormerMantis says:

    Hahahahaha i was bending over to grab some milk from the fridge and I thought you were saying "pretty" in Spanish 😂 you didn't say it right but ok

  14. Empayer says:

    DoctorGTA GO Now Available on Android !!

  15. francis wilkins says:

    can you do yugioh or dragon ball

  16. ilevelland08 says:

    Oh that's sick bro nice video man

  17. Christian Escamilla says:

    I love ur videos

  18. Dhyey Trivedi says:

    I am failing math and physics my dad is gonna fuck me up goodnight !

  19. The Diamond Wolf says:

    nice but why would you hit pokemon

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