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20 comments on “GTA 5 Mods – REAL LIFE MOD | RAGS TO RICHES #3! BUYING FIRST CAR (GTA 5 Mod Gameplay)
  1. Melinda Hall says:

    number plate fuck you plate

  2. Ahmed The gamer says:

    how nos tipplecl gamer

  3. kpop lover says:

    i subscribed ur channel only because u put download link in the discription

  4. Pierre Fourie says:

    Please bring back rainbow 6👍🏻😊

  5. Kurtis Bunyea says:

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  6. Telyshia McClain says:

    Nice bro

  7. sneekysavage 63 says:

    I hate him

  8. tyler fullerton says:

    Hey lovey good job on this video / livestream

  9. Funny limited says:

    is there a fast and furious mod that you could do

  10. Lyon Davis says:

    oh shit lokey I see you bro.💯💯

  11. Bob Tornando says:

    hey lokey you could call for your car with the machanic on your phone in case you lose your car.

  12. Mr. JK says:

    lokey matey! I always love your vid and I still do! but for me it's a bit to much GTA lately.. Still be watching because I like you as a person and you're always funny doesn't matter what games you are playing. I will love to see some other games do!

  13. Michael D says:

    I always miss your videos now, I don't get notified even when I have the bell on 😭😭 NOOOO

  14. jeremy van marle says:

    resident evil 7 HELL YEAH i WILL be here tonight ben you have my word 😀

  15. Useful Gaming says:

    the second guy you hit at Life Invaders was defending you at first lmao

  16. S&S&V // says:

    Lokey ur such an amazing person loving the live streams lately plz can u do more zombie mod . Keep it up and I've been subbed till 40,000 subs

  17. TheClimbBackUp says:

    super streetfighter 2 turbo in 5 star turbo mode as well! oh, i sent u a fb message as well for an idea i have to promote your videos

  18. TheClimbBackUp says:

    Lokey, its the geordie colin Collins here, hope all is well, i should have sent a few more subs your way as ive bee promoting the fuck out of your videos. Have u ever thought about an old school saturday feature where every saturday to try to complete an old school game in the quickest possible time. some of these are cracking as well as they are totally rage inducing. perfect example is a game called another word which was out in the 90s. i loved that game but fucking hated the bastard. I reckon it will be an awesome way to reach more people and get more subscribers that are in their late 30s and 40s. ponce of persia was another one. I was going to do it myself but I wouldnt do it justice so I thought that you would do a much better job. Hope all is well and keep up the awesome work

  19. Zaram Zalmay says:

    lokey ! a subscribe coming ur way

  20. calvin stargaard says:


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