GTA 5 Online – SecuroServ has paid you $50000 for being a Bodyguard

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20 comments on “GTA 5 Online – SecuroServ has paid you $50000 for being a Bodyguard
  1. Sneh's Vlog says:

    You could had stayed and got 5 mill

  2. ROBLOX GAMER says:

    ps4 or Xbox

  3. fan yuhang says:

    fvckin stupid. its safe!i got update before and update after its normal only took ur all money

  4. fan yuhang says:

    take me to that loby fast pls!

  5. Hello! says:

    this is just a funny thing, but i joined a lobby with this happening about a month or two ago. But instead of 1 modder there where 10. all doing this same thing. my money went from 3million (legit) to 1.57 BILLION in less than half an hour ( i spawned in the shower, and had to go afk, so i didnt notice untill i got back and i had 1.57 BILLION dollars in gta 5)

  6. Icy Dive422 says:

    I saw this before and hackers can take all of your ammo while they are hidden from the online list. Which sucks cause I can't report it.

  7. kenneth releford says:


  8. glitchytracer6 says:

    (Stephen , pin this)
    You want to know why you got randomly money from SecuroServ ? Because it's a modder.
    There's recently a new "safe" cash drop which is 'SecuroServ 50K/s' , most of modders use this way because it's safe and easy.

  9. VincyModz says:

    never change lobby when a modder dropped money for you, just turn off internet and wait for crash ;D

  10. EgUrt GT says:

    i have made 60 million with it

  11. Gordon Ramsay says:

    am not modder my money on real life is so fast

  12. Andrew Chedid says:

    This happened to me as well I got around 75 million in 20ish mins. I know it isn't right but it got me playing GTA online again. Having so much is too much fun 🙂 I hope this happens to me again.

  13. shibby says:

    I jokingly asked a modder recently to give me 1 dollar, can i be banned lol

    also modder sent me 200 mil in my last lobby ecks dee

  14. David Dubuc says:

    Omg lucky i hope i can have this me too lol

  15. CHRCLMNKY says:

    So ahhh.. any updates about those players getting modded money from Secuserve? It happened to me today. 29m cash, and it didn't stopped until I exit game.

  16. Илья Потапов says:

    I have saved so much 15 million. After three days, the ban was not given!

  17. Boppa. says:

    damn im looking for this everyday and u are switchin the lobby.. lol

  18. Siurra2868 says:

    i was banned for this.. modder give to me money and killed all with my nickname and rockstar banned me random ahahah GG

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