GTA 5 Online Solo 100% God Mode Glitch Working Invincibility Glitch After Patch 1.41

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20 comments on “GTA 5 Online Solo 100% God Mode Glitch Working Invincibility Glitch After Patch 1.41
  1. ƇǿŚŤŁǻ PŚǤ says:

    Is it patched ? Cause it doesnt work now : / ……

  2. nino -aka says:

    Every time i get in god mode it say time out and im normal again

  3. Angelo Damian says:


  4. richard bassline says:

    Been trying this for past nine months just times me out even tried share play with some one that can do it and the same results

  5. Wythdragon gaming says:

    Why does it keep saying failed to find Job data

  6. Blazn sweetz says:

    No go on PS4 tried for 6 hours

  7. Blazn sweetz says:

    Does it have to be a blue circle can it not be the pink transform race right next to Eclipse Towers?

  8. Troy Reacts says:

    Every time I'm heading to the job marker, it says Timed Out, then minimap pops up… And yes, I am on PS4.

  9. F1TTLE ST1CKS10 says:

    Yeah it doesn’t work for Xbox one from my experience, I can’t even get past the part were you have the TV options in the air

  10. tyler durnell says:

    Does this still work

  11. Jon Wood says:

    Sorry but This shit doesn't work or patched

  12. Yo Mama says:

    4th ps4 this year? Do u rage and smash it? How cam someone break their PS4 4 times in a year. Lol. I have little running around an keep mine on the floor. Standing up to boot. And it don’t break. Lol

  13. Bonnyblue Warner says:

    Why do I keep getting time out??

  14. No1 0FFENDER says:

    80th Like lol 👍🏻

  15. Daz 3025 says:

    😎👍👌🤘✌ awesome!! Smash that like button, subscribe if ur new. share it if u can …most clear instructional vids ever i have never had a problem with any of the glitches u post

  16. Mike-Nitti says:

    Welcome back fam. Have you tried saving a custom weapon load out b4 starting the glitch? Like & subscribe… #ZNation

  17. Krimmel Krimmel says:

    Yo Z… please help us with the juggernaut suit glitch.. thanks

  18. lgnd.rogerr says:

    Doesn’t work. It never loads me in the sky. Just back to the TV and I spam I spam it when I hit random but nothing

  19. Callum While says:

    Does anyone else get timed out on ps4 after they press right on d pad when you go on job marker?

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