If you want generate cash in game choose Gta 5 hacks

20 comments on “GTA 5: THE HULK vs THE DRAGON MOD 🐊💥 (GTA 5 Mod)
  1. Victoria Rodrigeuz says:

    Why is there not many likes

  2. Luc Haddeman says:

    please give me xbos p.s its my bearthday

  3. Luc Haddeman says:

    # i want a ps4 so bad and its my birthday

  4. Luc Haddeman says:

    # i want a ps4 so much

  5. Anne Marie Paraschiv says:

    Hi papa jake can you give me a ps4

  6. Elijah Pekarek says:

    I subscribed and liked the video and turned on notifications

  7. Elijah Pekarek says:

    Big guy small weiner

  8. Elijah Pekarek says:

    I don't have any account

  9. Elijah Pekarek says:

    Logan paul papa jake best youtubers

  10. Elijah Pekarek says:

    Hulks real name is Bruce banner

  11. Elijah Pekarek says:

    Papa jake can i plez have a ps4 plez i've been trying to save money but I can't save engouh money so plez i've always want one

  12. Matthew Hamilton says:

    1 million is cool soon 10 million

  13. Tristan Pearce says:

    Can I have a PS for and an Xbox one because I only have an Xbox 360

  14. Shinyshine Mobile legend says:

    I love your vid

  15. Daniel Gift says:

    Bruse Baner is hulk

  16. Rayyan Raja says:

    Did he copy of his older vids like if u agree

  17. Nikola Besten says:

    Papa jake

  18. Demonic Child of Hell says:

    Hulk duh

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