GTA 5 Top Speed Drag Race (JB700 vs. Casco)

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7 comments on “GTA 5 Top Speed Drag Race (JB700 vs. Casco)
  1. Digital Car Addict says:

    PLEASE NOTE: Both vehicles were fully modified. For the launch we both used the boost.
    Catch up and Slipstream were OFF. This race reflects top speed and slightly reflects acceleration. Each red sign marks 1/4, 1/2, and 1 mile in that order. Track length is 5 miles.
    If you dislike this race based on the outcome, then give your dislike to Rockstar, not me.

    Link To My Race:

    Special thanks to Edub_1234 for helping me out.
    His Youtube Channel:

  2. Halfrican Hammer says:

    Comeback of The Century

  3. Pagassi Vacca says:

    its like adder vs zentorno all over again exsept faster

  4. Herbert Andrews says:

    Wow, that is very impressive

  5. Farel M says:

    hey please do seven 70 vs verlierer

  6. Catsmeowproduct Gaming says:

    Nice man If u want me with some content just ask

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