GTA V – Beta Takedowns/Executions Script

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20 comments on “GTA V – Beta Takedowns/Executions Script
  1. LordThunder Cxck says:

    red dead redemption memories coming back

  2. fahim abdul says:

    can u make trevor do hand to hand cqc combat since i belive he trained in the Military? it would be great if he does that!

  3. Amerikkka's Most Wanted says:

    WTF why was this removed i wanted to do shit like this

  4. Matt Campbell says:

    How do you do that? The epic takedowns?

  5. The Stupid Mario Bros says:

    was this really going to be used for GTA 5?

  6. Wolfyyy says:

    Dumb question here, I know…
    Buuut, how do you disable the camera? And yeah, I am stupid..
    I am just pretty new too mods and stuff like that in general, so I hope you can spare me from being as big of an idiot…
    Either way, I hope you see this, and I love the mod no matter what!


  7. TheGaz says:

    Mafia 3 !!! 🙂

  8. Brenno Calderan says:

    reminds me of manhunt 2

  9. Pugfa1c says:

    How do you get the revolver gun?

  10. Gta mania says:

    can youmake ped path for map editor please

  11. Mikker says:

    what are the controls?

  12. Bemjux DwarfTM says:

    Wow,soo boss!Hope you finish till end december!When ill get my gaming pc and GTA 5 so I can download this mod 😀

  13. Anym Yo says:

    Looks very nice… it looks like its a normal part of the game, not a mod! Like your euphoria mods as well because i love the engine and was a little bit disapointed that they not used the huge euphoria potential in V. Keep it up

  14. A Buzzed Whaler says:

    Thanks for making this play well with Euphoria mods. Keep up the good work! 👍

  15. Hey Ziane says:

    I expected this to be glitchy and janky as fuck, but its so smooth

  16. Redemtion says:

    Can use executions in first person mode?

  17. Dubzsy ツ says:

    Finally you're back daddy 😛😛😂😂

  18. azariah desormeaux says:

    What that intro song

  19. Ben insta Games says:

    Bro u dead as fuvk

  20. Itz BlitzHD says:

    you know when the next scripthook update comin out

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