HEAVY DUMP TRUCK vs. JELLY! (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

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20 comments on “HEAVY DUMP TRUCK vs. JELLY! (GTA 5 Funny Moments)
  1. JT JILL says:

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  2. Chanz Briones says:

    Wyh not do a stungun battle

  3. M Stapleton says:

    what the fuck having sex

  4. Elena Costello says:

    You are lit

  5. Nightmare 12 says:

    Just jump down

  6. Nightmare 12 says:

    Your not supust to use your gun

  7. Ayush Raj says:

    ruko means sto

  8. John Muir says:

    Your the triple j's frends

  9. Travis Gregg says:

    I play GTA to

  10. Richelle O' Riordan says:

    My man jelly

  11. Ugda Abualugad says:

    ظاء I love you too much and you do you do that how do you do you get again and you Yupik

  12. Prince Jadon says:

    Hi. Jelly

  13. turner111971 says:

    get in the bugatti

  14. turner111971 says:

    jump of of it

  15. chromedknight says:

    just dont do it

  16. chromedknight says:

    come on josh

  17. Mihai Radulescu says:

    this is so cool

  18. James Hardy says:

    good video

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