How To Install GTA 5 IRON MAN V 2.4 MK47 (NEW Repulsors, NEW HUD) Addonpeds 3.0.1

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20 comments on “How To Install GTA 5 IRON MAN V 2.4 MK47 (NEW Repulsors, NEW HUD) Addonpeds 3.0.1
  1. Rej 3003 says:

    i know this is a bit late but i can not get the Iron man v2 one can you help me plz

  2. Venkat Raman says:

    Bro while iam selecting mk 47 it is stopped working

  3. Nimesh Patel says:

    Hey how can i download gta 5 new ironman mod v2

  4. Venkat Raman says:

    I want script if new iron man not available u send old iron man in

  5. Claire Divas says:

    Can you send me the script of Iron man v2.4?
    email is :

  6. Bhubesh . M says:

    Dude, could you do me a help?? Please!!! Send me Ironman(V2, better if it has stark tower), Flash V2.0, Spiderman with web swinging. Please dude!!! I Beg you!! Please send to ….
    Please, it's an humble request.

  7. Antroicz says:

    it crashed me

  8. Levente vantus says:


  9. farhan madni says:

    tell me please how i can download Iron man v2

  10. DA BOI says:

    my dlc.xml is empty! HELP!!!

  11. TOONS GUY says:

    what i do

  12. TOONS GUY says:

    when install visualv on gta 5 my ironman mod is not work and add on ped

  13. Kakashi Hatake says:

    Do you know if there are any ways to disable the HUD?

  14. suraj K1234 says:

    hellou brother …..wr r u?……please help how to open Native UI manu

  15. Bubba McCloud says:

    friend am hicoolpro whats your phone number

  16. PsychoXeno says:

    Hey nice video man can you send me the iron man v2.4 script at

  17. PsychoXeno says:

    Can you send me the flash and iron mab script please at this email :

  18. Pratik Naik says:

    plz seny me the scripts mods

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