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20 comments on “HOW TO INSTALL LSPDFR & RAGEPluginHook GTA5 POLICE MOD TUTORIAL PC | Learn Modding GTA5 Albo’s Way 1
  1. Nuts In Puss says:

    Thanks for the video. I followed your instructions, the game seem's to load fine, however I can not get the F4 key to bring up my console.

    FYI, when I first loaded the Rage Hook Plugin, it did not display the Rage Hook screen over the pictures in the loading screen. It did say that it was loading story mode and Rage Hook Plugin in the bottom right corner. Once in game, the Rage Hook Alpha notification did display over the in game map, as well as, a notification requesting to report any bugs.

    Once I changed from the fullscreen setting and selected window borderless, restarted the computer and started Rage Hook Plugin, the Rage Hook screen did display over the loading screen pictures, however the F4 key will not bring up my console. I'm running the Steam version of GTA 5. Do have any advice on how I might be able to solve this issue?

    Thanks. The video helped a lot, I was able to get the plugin to run, whereas I have failed to do so prior to finding your video. I have subscribed to your channel.

  2. Jordan Simms says:

    error comes on, it's does not start the game.

  3. Stelios Chorianopoulos says:

    Thank you so much mate .. you've done an amazing tutorial for beginners like iam … like , share and sub of course.. 🙂

  4. games,friends and me says:

    Virus?? I have a antivirus thing so should I turn it off or are there no viruses

  5. Sheriff_TheBluegill says:

    It also says Unsupported Game Patch

  6. BRAD LYON says:

    RAGEPluginHook doesnt even open??

  7. Qasim Mehmood says:

    It doesn't show me initializing game support and other things, but it does show me the police station. When I press f4 nothing shows up. I didn't change it.

  8. Jordy Sterkens says:

    i did it all but dont want to start…

  9. Finlay Waters says:

    hey my lspdfr isn't working please can you help!!

  10. get a life says:

    sir on which version of gta 5 you are installing this LSPD mod…coz i have tried many times on my version and this mod is not running

  11. Twice - CSGO says:

    When i try to load a plugin, it boot loaps, and my game crashes

  12. Jason Noll says:

    I've been trying to set up lspdfr for months and finally this video helped me do it.I just played it without the other things to test it and can't wait to see the other videos and how they work!

  13. Sheriff_TheBluegill says:

    Albo, mine says "Save and Close" not "Save and Launch" help please, I NEED to drive an unmarked crown vic

  14. Taif Nihad says:

    For me it says this and does not wanna hook on to my game so my game just starts normally. Could not hook game process. Insufficient permissions or bad anti-virus.
    Please try again. If the problem persists, please restart your computer.

  15. THE NISH CHANNEL says:

    Where did you buy your Gta v from?

  16. BRAD LYON says:

    Doesnt even open up when i clicke the RAGEPluginHook icon

  17. BRAD LYON says:

    When the are 0 open it still says there is a debugger open?

  18. Kegan Moore says:

    I retried it and it's working so far…

  19. Sky the Dev says:

    Thanks man! Really helped! This is the guy you need if you don’t wanna virus. This is my second time installing this and every time so far it’s going out perfectly! Thanks man!

  20. David Lee says:

    is it okay if my loading screen doesnt show those squares with the rage plugin. the bottom left just says laoding story mode with RAGE pulin hook

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