Mysterious Red Arrow Path! The End? (GTA 5 Jetpack / Chiliad Mystery)

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20 comments on “Mysterious Red Arrow Path! The End? (GTA 5 Jetpack / Chiliad Mystery)
  1. Llamalus says:

    Could you try putting a sticky bomb on each glyph, then detonating?

  2. 7 7 says:

    Just gotta say man, you'd think the illuminati was keeping this jet pack from you or something. Hope you find it, happy hunting.

  3. Keenan Boewe says:

    Trevor – The Cracked Egg: Man's batshit crazy, i.e. he cracked his egg and fucked his head up
    Michael – The UFO: A former criminal trying to fly under the radar for the remainder of his life, remaining unidentified from his past
    Franklin – The Jetpack: He's the youngest and generally the younger generations are better at handling tech, which would make sense for him to handle and extremely advanced piece of tech

  4. Darin McBride says:

    Trippy, I don't know if you know this but online when you go to the hanger (owned) and your in the military base,you have no stars right? WELL, even with no stars, you go to the bunker and you will instantly have stars

  5. Hunter says:

    Thanx for the shoutout. I found the connection. Watch my vid

  6. Bryce M. says:

    You said my name like 5 times but never realized what I was saying. 110% solved man, just hit me up in an email or something and we'll figure out the best way to speak. I just want credit for figuring it out. To everyone upset thinking I'm lying, or that I'm telling the truth but a jerk for not telling yet.. Tell Trippy to get at me so we can get y'all a clean ordered summary. I know the key but I haven't followed this to the T like he has and I don't have notes and such to go off so when I give him this info he's gonna know a million more little things for y'all… Anyways I hope I get a reply and we can get this to yall asap.

  7. poppa P says:

    Albert Einstein was asked what's it like being the Smartest man alive he said "ask Nickolas Tesla"

  8. The Pro Gamer trippy says:

    Einstein's hair looks like the gallery images

  9. angel andres says:

    Hey trippy! There's a open gravesite at Hill Valley church that leads under the map!

  10. overf1st says:

    Please watch the shadow from the antenna on Mount chiliad at day and at Night! Its Look like the sign on the Mountain! Sorry my englisch is bad

  11. Richard O'Leary says:

    1:03:18 at the web near cable cart. What's that sound?? It started when you was in the chopper then it stops then at 1:03:18 it's starts again. Soz if it's a dumb question
    …….it could be an alarm for the cable cart approaching.

  12. Paul Currie says:

    If you draw lines on the map connecting these points, I wonder if it would reveal anything?

  13. Baffoono says:

    Yes Yes Yesss twippy .. waaaguan .. what's your PS4 user name?

  14. merimursu123 says:

    or being pushed by train with space docker

  15. merimursu123 says:

    has anybody ever tried if the 88mph vehicle actually was the train, and pass the water towers 3am, just asking

  16. Richard O'Leary says:

    Dude, try banging one of the strippers. I swear smashing the back doors in with one of them makes it rain. It may be the "Mandela effect" but I believe it's a bird called Sapphire?

  17. Jay W says:

    I have figured out the Mount Chiliad part but the jet pack is required to trigger it. At the bottom of the mural you can see the UFO and Jet Pack are linked. This means that they are both required simultaneously to gain access to the cracked egg. The cracked egg represents the ALT camp area and this can be seen clearly if you view the pathway from the electricity shed and mast, down into the camp, it's clearly the same zig-zag path as the cracked egg image. Also, clear cracks (hair line cracks) can be seen in the ground and rock faces all around the portal entrance cave thing, with the fire and cow skull. In addition to that, the cows skull is the same icon used on the Rebel Radio station and I assume that those random houses that are found all over GTA that are playing loud music are most likely listening to Rebel Radio. To trigger the possible explosion of the mountain top you need to position the UFO directly over the red eye/ufo icon that is on the ground, underneath the wooden viewing platform.
    You need to maintain the correct height and also be directly in front of the ufo and as you walk backwards, the ufo will stay in full focus and follow you. You will notice that you can not walk backwards far enough to position the ufo over the red eye because you fall off the cliff. You require the jet pack that you saw the epsilon leader using in the first death online experience. If you use a helicopter to position the ufo, it fades out before it reaches the red eye icon. If you stack a few helicopters on top of each other up the cliff face the same fading ufo occurs. You can try the Peyote plant that re-spawns on top of Mount Chiliad when the ufo appears but the birds are not so easy to steer and they also fly too fast, the ufo moves very slowly. Move too fast and the ufo fades out. I thought at first it was necessary to transform into the Hawk because if you look very closely at the murals boxes, the red X (right hand side of the mural) actually looks more like a Hawk and the red X above that actually looks more like a plane or perhaps a sky diver (or flying man with jet pack, just like the Rocketeer) The Rocketeer can also be seen if you look at the vertical wooden information plaque/sign showing the aerial view of the hippy skate park by the entrance on the road on the right hand side. The image next to the Rocketeer looks like a Camel but take a look and see. So, you must have access to the jet pack and that's the only way to trigger the rest. I have tried to reach out a few times to various youtubers who all create excellent episodes but have never received a reply, perhaps I stink? It is certainly possible because this GTA game has been ruling my life and taking a shower is the last thing on my mind! I won't bother to reach out again but I hope some of you can use this information to your advantage. Thanks for reading and good luck gaining that jet pack. (Military Fort I would say)

  18. Stephen Vick says:

    Put a sticky bomb on all the glyphs including the one on the ground by the first red arrow and detonate them at the same time

  19. Stephen Vick says:

    There's more red arrows than 2. The 2nd arrow points to a 3rd red arrow at a liquor store behind Treavor's trailer & the 3rd red arrow points to a 4th red arrow at an abandoned hotel.

  20. Johnny Klebitz says:

    Yo Yo Yo Brother RJ, Good stream i enjoyed 🙂

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