Ruin The Hobby: Part 1

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20 comments on “Ruin The Hobby: Part 1
  1. C Ray Tech says:

    Wow that's incredible

  2. HomeGrownCanadianFPV says:

    Sweet… I gotta check this out

  3. Zoide says:

    Man it would be awesome to have a virtual Amsterdam made with the GTA engine.

  4. DerClaudius says:

    Thought "the balls on this guy" for three seconds XD

  5. snail.fpv says:

    how does it feel compared to the other "real" sims.. how is the gravity or inertia?


    Brilliant Spunky! No rules, no lipo sag, no wind…just straight fun, no court case. 🙂

  7. WEBB - FPV says:

    Fuck yes!
    everthing about this is amazing!!!

  8. LeFix says:

    Awesome Video.
    I know the physics model can't and doesn't take into account all effects of the real world, but for me, someone who never flew a real drone it's just impossible to compare the "feel" and adjust it correctly :/

  9. kwa says:

    I already reported this to GTA's FAA.

  10. Lothar Krupka says:

    Are you using any other mods in this clip? I like the way the lights look… 🙂

  11. Lothar Krupka says:

    Hey Matthew, nice flying! 🙂 Will you be making a video about the drone setup you used? (the values from the Quadcopter mod menu).

  12. Humboldt710 says:

    This is better than I thought it would be. Good job.

  13. Dave Pitt says:

    Nice Matt

  14. DavyBoy says:

    I throttled straight up to see how high you could go, and it took me 9 minutes to descend back down to the map, it looks really cool when it’s dark, seeing all the city lights and cars on the road when you’re freefalling.

  15. DavyBoy says:

    Such a fun mod, I’ve been playing it quite a bit recently.

  16. Luke Turner says:

    one day guys we will be doing this in real life as a sport in a closed of area of a city !

  17. Yves Brüderli says:

    realy nice video
    witch cam did u us to record it?

  18. Ohia_FPV says:

    Thats pretty cool! And that song is AWESOME!

  19. beaver2206 says:


  20. AH FPV says:

    loving this mod! not very good at getting the quad to fly good tho

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