Stealing & Stashing Rival Gang Donks! – GTA 5 Real Hood Life 2 – Day 6

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20 comments on “Stealing & Stashing Rival Gang Donks! – GTA 5 Real Hood Life 2 – Day 6
  1. DaQwan 23_jordan Jordan_23_man says:

    Shout out to me and wassup

  2. Jeremiah Williams says:

    hey NUKES

  3. david shaad says:

    when are you dropping Trevor series???

  4. Jamal Smith says:

    keep it and repaint it

  5. Anthony Jones says:

    you should bought a bigger garage then that but like the video

  6. jay bando says:

    Change the paint

  7. Lumpkin Javonte says:

    can u do that on ps3?

  8. trill ja says:

    Nice video

  9. Emond Beckett says:

    paint job look good

  10. Emond Beckett says:

    keep it

  11. Valei Scott says:

    Turn the blinker on

  12. Dalton Hill says:

    Ubsubing got tired of an ad every 3 minutes

  13. Tyreese Alston says:


  14. JJ Gang says:

    Frank need a girlfriend

  15. Chris says:

    A nukes I think you should get the Buick Roadmaster from the first season when u were stealing other gang donks

  16. Chris says:

    Sup nukes keep the avalanche an what happened to Franklins chains

  17. Gangsta Reactions says:

    Boosie fade

  18. Mendy Runyon says:

    That like 4 or 6

  19. Mendy Runyon says:

    That ant gta 5

  20. david shaad says:

    sell both

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