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20 comments on “THOR vs HULK!
  1. Meera Singh says:

    Team Thor

  2. Mali G says:

    You should do Flash vs Thor. Lightning of the Gods vs lightning of the speed force

  3. Mr Haze says:

    The avengers vs zombie apocalypse

  4. Eli Sweeney says:

    I'm team tg

  5. Ynaki Gariguez says:

    Team thor


    Thor ragnarok

  7. Nepali Hero says:

    I'm team tg

  8. Luis santillan says:

    Tg do a royal rumble of All super heroes you have moded in to grab and in reality hulk would of killed thor and let's be real Thor is useless without his hamer 🔨

  9. Flash Point says:

    The flash vs Dr strange

  10. Danny Viveros Romero says:

    T.G I think you should step it up a bit. 23 likes really? Like 2k likes bro.

  11. Yunus Vr says:

    TG you are the BEST

  12. Yunus Vr says:

    TG DO
    Hulk Vs Deadpool

  13. Duwayne Tucker says:

    Team hulk

  14. killer King says:

    Tg can you sub to my Channel

  15. Elijah Smartt says:

    You souhold have put reaglur hp on

  16. TypicalTiger Talent says:

    His YouTube channel name is Reaction time

  17. TypicalTiger Talent says:

    My brother, his YouTube channel has 7 million subscribers but I’m still a fan of u

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